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cooked Raw Sushi

Taiko Signature Roll

cooked 1. Taiko Roll
Shrimp tempura inside, spicy salmon & fresh lobster on top w. chef special sauce
cooked 2. Fire Phoenix Roll
Shrimp tempura, spicy tuna & avocado inside, steam jumbo shrimp on the top, served w. chef special sauce
cooked 3. Valentine Roll
Shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, avocado wrapped by soybean paper, served w. chef's special sauce
cooked 4. Angel Roll
Seared super white tuna, asparagus tempura, wrapped by tuna, yellowtail, backed eel, salmon, served w. chef special sauce
cooked 5. Sakura Roll
Spicy Lobster, Yellowtail Jalapeno inside, fresh scallop and yuzu wasabi on top
cooked 6. Sushi Sandwich Roll
Layers of spicy tuna, salmon, yellowtail, crunch rice in sandwich form, w. tobiko on the outside
cooked 7. Lobster Mango Roll
Fresh lobster & mango inside, spicy tuna on top, w. chef special sauce
cooked 8. Mango Madness Roll
Mango shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, wrapped by yellow soy bean paper, topped w. mango avocado, served yuzu mango sauce
cooked 9. Ocean Roll
Tempura white fish, steam shrimp, fresh mango & avocado inside, wrapped w. soybean paper, spicy king crab & crunchy, served w. spicy creamy sauce.
cooked 10. Lemon Roll
Spicy tuna, cucumber inside, avocado, fresh tuna, lemon, peanut on the top, served w. light ponzu sauce
cooked 11. White House Roll
Pepper tuna, spicy king crab, shrimp tempura w. green soy paper chef special sauce
cooked 12. Capital Roll
Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, super white tuna, wrapped by fresh white seaweed, baked eel sauce and avocado, served eel sauce and spicy mayo